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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

jOBS Film Premiere in LA: Have you ever been looking for your lost creativity in your beach bag whilst you were at the premiere of a Hollywood film? [2/2]

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The new film jOBS with Ashton Kutcher in the lead role's been coming to theatres and that's a great opportunity to look at how celebrity got dressed for this occasion. Second part - read more!

The biopic had it's premiere in Los Angeles at Regal Cinemas L.A. on 13th August. We don't care what the reviews say, we care what the actors wear! 

Ashton, Ashton, how old are you? 35? Why are you looking like you're even ten years older?! Yes, it fits you. But you're young, remember? Seems like you forgot that you're not acting as Steve anymore.

Beautiful Alexis Knapp blew the preparations off and to her nice blue dress she took only a pair of black platform shoes and (also blue - unfortunately totally different shade, which makes me feel embarrassed) shoulder clutch. Noninteresting hairstyle and make-up don't rescue the situation. 

Maybe I'm just too prim, but I don't enjoy Bryce Dallas Howard's outfit at all. There is no connection between the dress (which would fit much older women more - what's wrong with the cast ?!?!) and yellow heels. She should take a same-coloured clutch, or necklace, or bracelet, or.. anything!

Dermot Mulroney's classic grey suit is so classic that I have nothing to say. But Tharita Catulle looks really... interesting! Her like-a-boss position creates quite weird impression, but I'd swear she's really nice. Maybe. Her light dress doesn't fit with those cream shoes a lot, but who cares? They're so lovely together. They've been married five years! It's like fifty in Hollywood, don't judge.

If the previous couple is lovely, there's no word to convey how cute is this one. I loove Jon Cryer - Two and half men is great, man! - and with his wife Lisa Joyner they look as adorable as their accoutrements! Just Jon's penguin position is a bit .. weird.. yeah.. so..

"Hey, I'm Lukas Haas and if someone doesn't like my outfit, I'll just fly away!" haha, I know I should stop making fun of people who can't control their appearance. By chance, I like him! His jacket is pretty fine and he looks quite casually. Which is good, isn't it?

Between all of the mismatched outfits, missing accessories and weird positions the miracle came up and its name is.... Korrina Rico! Beautiful actress is the first lady who chose right clutch according to her dress, and just looks amazing! Apart of her I love also her gown. Thumbs up!

Last sacrifice of my fashion spree's going to be also very lovely couple Kevin and Lisa Cronin. Unfortunately, their clothing is already not as lovely. It seems like they went for a walk to a supermarket! Sunglasses, black shirts, jeans... and where's the creativity? Maybe it got lost in Lisa's beach bag.. Guys, you are at the premiere of a Hollywood film! 
But I love your nail polish, Liz.

Well, we are at the end, guys! Yes, I know it hurts, but I promise next time it'll be even better! What about if we took a look to a premiere of This Is Us film from One Direction? Great! I'm looking forward to you.

Stay with me, xo

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